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Creative Wedding/Candid photography

If you're a wedding/candid photographer, you need to have a great professional portfolio on your websites. And nothing better than the wedding photography! So, how do you make your wedding photography stand out while there is a plethora of wedding photographers around, while also giving up the best pictures to your wedding clients? Well, we've just what you'd need! Here are some creative wedding photography ideas that you can use the next time, and trust us with it, your pictures will be awesome!

Use diptych style

While most of the photography involves capturing emotions, very few capture motion. Pair two diptych photos in subsequence, and that will capture the action and will also break free from the traditional predictable photography style.

Use epic locations

The locations make a huge difference when you click pictures of the couple. Suggest some incredible natural scapes and locations which are nothing short of epic when you photograph the entire scene. Using the couple as a reference point to show something larger than life always is a great method of photography.

Use the light factor rightly!

Don't step back from going out on a sunny day and actually capture moments of couple together in the bright light! You could also go ahead and use the lens flare to give a dash of some real life magic!

Go voyeur

Well, not literally! What you can do is leverage your lens at the right moments to capture the romantic moments that couple steal, without staying close to them. Such photographs are truly endearing and make lasting memories!

Nothing like shadows!

There's nothing like shadows when it comes to epic wedding photography. You can use the play of spotlights and shadows to induce a different effect which is not very common. This would make your pictures look like a classic sketch! Besides, the shadows are the intriguing elements in your pictures which make it all the more interesting!

Capture the details

There's no doubt that the bride and the groom would wish to have big pictures of their marriage. But the heart warming pictures are found in the tiny details of the wedding. Get up and close with small aspects of the marriage, like the wedding rings or the hairpiece of the bride! These details make it a fun time to look at the wedding photographs.

Capture the couple laugh their heart out

No matter what artistic photos you click, a picture comes alive mostly when there's an over-dozed happiness in the picture. Let couple laugh their heart out, and ensure that the laugh looks natural. Later, go for the actual click! There'd be so much more life in these pics!

Involve the natural elements!

Wind, water, flames! You can play around such natural elements creatively to create some of the best wedding pictures. For instance, you could use the wind to add life to the veil of the bride! Such pictures look artistic and they'd be something the couple would love!

That's pretty much much about it! Check out some cool photography gear in Pixception's inventory which could help you in these ideas! Pixception is Bengaluru's leading camera & lens rental company and you can be assured of a trusted equipment partner in us.

See ya, until next time!

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