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  • Ideal For

    Vlogging, Filmmaking, Voiceovers, Podcasts

    Rode VideoMic GO II

    • 1+ DAYS Rs 400
      3+ DAYS Rs 350
      6+ DAYS Rs 300

    • The Rode VideoMic GO II is designed makes capturing crystal clear  audio incredibly easy. It is very compact, Ultra-lightweight comes with powerful features that are simple to use, & at the same time  it works exceptionally well for all forms of content creation with a camera, smartphone or tablet, or computer. 

      This powerful, lightweight directional microphone delivers focused directivity, low noise, and isolation from external vibrations.

      With Rode VideoMic GO II powers you to take your audio content to the next level

      Note: Please be careful with the suspenders. Damage to suspenders cannot be fixed and product will have to be replaced.

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